Helpful Links

There are many helpful sites on the internet to assist scouts and leaders.  Some of the links below are third party links.   These sites are frequently used throughout Scouting and have been pretty well vetted; however, if you come across any inappropriate content while visiting the site links below, please notify our Webmaster immediately.  Thank you.

Boy's Life Magazine - Online version of Boy's Life Magazine

Boy Scout Cyber Chip - BSA and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children have partnered to help educate Scouts about being safer online and assist them in promoting community awareness of Internet safety issues. Note: The Cyber Chip is a requirement for some computer merit badges.

Boy Scout Trail - Scouting resources for scouts and leaders. Rank information, recipes, videos and more.

BSA San Diego Imperial Council Site - BSA San Diego Imperial Council Site

BSA Sweetwater District Site - BSA Sweetwater District Site

Merit - Wiki version of Merit Badge help & information. 

My Scouting Login - My Scouting Login (Training at the National BSA Site, used for Youth Protection and other online training) 

National Eagle Scout Association - An alumni Eagle Scout association that provides networking with Eagle Scouts in many professional fields, provides scholarships, etc.

Scouting Magazine - Online version of Scouting Magazine

U.S. Scouting Service Project - Volunteer sponsored site for all things Scouting.  A site full of information for scouts and leaders, including clipart, skits, etc.