Leadership postions

Troop 801 Scout Leaders and Committee Members

Youth Leadership

Troop 801 is a Boy-run Troop.  This provides our scouts with the opportunity to learn leadership skills and manage a team, with skills being honed and polished as they progress in rank.  With  the  guidance  of  the  Scoutmaster  and  his  assistants,  the  Patrol  Leaders  Council is  responsible  for  planning  and  conducting  the  Troop’s  activities.  The  Patrol Leaders Council  is  made  up  of  the  Senior  Patrol  Leader, Assistant  Senior  Patrol  Leader(s), Patrol  Leaders,  the  Scribe,  Librarian,  Historian, Leave No Trace Trainer, Chaplain's  Aid,  Quartermaster,  Bugler, Den Chief, Junior  Assistant  Scoutmasters, Order of the Arrow Troop Representative and the Troop  Guide(s).  Please see the Troop Bylaws and our Pictorial Scouting Organization Chart to find out further information on Youth Leadership.


Scoutmaster: Brendan Farley
Assistant Scoutmaster Planning/Schedules: Chad Schmidgal
Assistant Scoutmaster Jr Scouts: Gil Ayan
Assistant Scoutmaster Sr Scouts: Jamie Glorieux
Assistant Scoutmaster Scoutbook: Carlin Glorieux
Assistant Scoutmaster:  Scot Youngblood 

Troop Committee

Committee Chair: Jamie Glorieux
Charter Organization Representative: Jim Collora
Treasurer: Jeanne Schnese (treasurer@troop801coronado.org)
Registration Chair: Malinda Marsh
Webmaster: Tony Maldonado (webmaster@troop801coronado.org)
Medical Forms Coordinator: Bryn Reina
Community Service Coordinator: Gil Ayan
Adult OA Representative: Chris Cervantes

Merit Badge Counselors

Please see our list of Merit Badge Counselors on our Merit Badge Counselor page.