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Uniform and Patch Placement

Your uniform shows others that you are a member of the Boy Scouts of America and a member of Troop 801.  It shows your commitment to the Scouting principles and shows you are a good citizen and are ready and willing to help other people.  Your uniform is also a symbol of your own hard work and advancement.  Your behavior while wearing your uniform reflects on yourself, on our Troop and on the Boy Scouts of America.  Wear your uniform as you would conduct yourself:  with cleanliness, pride and respect!

Class "A" Basic Uniform

The Uniform items listed below must be BSA  approved (Official uniform item).  Please refer to the image at the right for further detail.  All of the items, along with other insignia and patches are available from our local Scout Shop or online at Scout  A Troop 801 Uniform Shopping List is available for you to download and print.
  • Tan Shirt, long or short sleeved
  • Shoulder loops (pair) - olive green
  • Neckerchief (red)
  • Neckerchief standard slide or bolo
  • Pants or Shorts (olive green), properly hemmed
  • Belt:  olive green web belt with BSA Insignia on buckle; or leather with BSA buckle or other Scout related buckle; or black nylon web belt and buckle that accompanies the switchback pants.
  • Cap, baseball style with BSA logo (olive green)
  • Merit Badge sash (comes in two sizes and may be tailored and let out as scout grows
  • BSA socks (olive green)
  • Appropriate Patches and Insignia (see right and below)
A Scout handbook is also required for learning and to keep track of advancement progress.  The 2013 Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements handbook and the Scout Field Manual are suggested, but not necessary.

Class "B" Uniform

Troop 801''s Class "B" Uniform is a forest green tee shirt with the Troop's number and logo imprinted on it.  These are usually worn for outdoor activities, along with jeans or appropriate shorts.  Class B tee shirts are available for purchase from the Troop.

Class A Basic Uniform

Class B Tee Shirt