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Adult Leadership

Troop 801 Scout Leaders and Committee Members

Charter Organization:  Knights of Columbus

Charter Representative     Mr. Bob Sheridon / Mr. James Collora

Committee Chair                Mr.Dan Cook

Scoutmaster                       Mr. Joe Mullins

Assistant Scoutmasters       

Mr. Jason Ashman

Mr. Ed Dougherty

Mr. Jamie Glorieux

Mr. Scott Redford     

Secretary                                                 Mrs. Abigail Buckley

Treasurer                                                 Mr. Matt Totoro

Advancement Coordinator                       Ms. Terrie Mortensen

Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator         Ms. Amy Youngblood

Board of Review Coordinator                   Mr. Rob Williams 

Training Coordinator                                 Open

Troop Quartermaster                                Mr. Chris Cervantes

Activities Coordinator                               Ms. Teresa Bastuba

Membership Coordinator                          Ms. Malinda Marsh

Webmaster                                               Ms. Erin Sardiello

Eagle Scout Advisor                                 Mr. John McHenry

Eagle Scout Advisor                                 Mr. Edward Dougherty

Pack 122 Liaison                                      Mr. Jamie Glorieux

Awards Coordinator                                  Mrs. Molly Erskine

Merit Badge Counselors

Please see our list of Merit Badge Counselors on our Merit Badge Counselor page.